Stella McCartney’s resort classics

While most of the fashion world is busy occupying itself with what redefining the silhouette of women’s pants for the coming seasons, designer Stella McCartney has mostly steered clear of the concept. Instead she’s stuck to classic shapes; shapes which are classic for women but more so for her. Peruse her Resort 2012 collection and you’ll find that part of McCartney’s vision vision for 2012’s fashion retains that same relaxed-meets-masculine vibe that the designer has made her signature. For the most it’s a signature overlaid with elements that a resort collection ought to have.

But its also not.

For every Hawaiian print tunic top there seems to be something in a houdsthooth. For every piece of seasonally bright tailoring, the masculinity of them as equally as relaxed as 2012’s men’s counterpart, there’s something in a much darker hue. And that’s where Stella McCartney‘s 2012 Resort collection sits: taking in everything from cigarette pants to pencil skirt, it offers up something for those heading to a resort but far more for those to which the ‘resort’ season means little.

That’s not a negative point, either. But instead a highlight of where the collection’s success will be found.

You can see Stella McCartney’s Resort 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails and browsing through the gallery.