The silver-sandaled modern Goddess: Lyn Devon

There’s a sporty femininity to Lyn Devon’s spring 2012 collection. But it’s far from the rough-and-tumble boyish style of sporty we saw in seasons past. Devon’s girl skips in on silver-sandaled feet, as light footed yet inwardly strong as an Ancient Greek deity. She’s like a modern Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, only in this lifetime she’s trading her bow and arrow for a picnic basket.

Every outfit in the collection is worth a look, be it a simple one-coloured dress with slight cutaway detailing at the sides, or the ankle length dresses that are split open at the sides revealing an under layer (these latter styles will be particularly popular come spring). But it’s also a collection where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The colour palette, the styles, the minimalist silver accessories that compliment every single look, all work together into one understated yet impressive whole of a collection.

And Devon’s collection just goes to show: a gladiator sandal doesn’t have to be fierce. Do look out for pairs that are simple, sporty, and light.

To see all of Lyn Devon‘s spring / summer 2012 collection, click on the thumbnails above.