Therese Rawsthorne bandages Spring 2010

Take lingerie as outerwear, apply a bandage and you have the element of Therese Rawsthorne‘s Spring 2010 collection that made the biggest impression at her Melbourne fashion week (MSFW) showing.

Admittedly this wasn’t true lingerie as outerwear, but rather plain bras covering what otherwise would constitute as nudity with a bandage layer in between. Best textually described as something that might come from a chiropractor, such a description does the accessory no credit. It’s an eye catching detail, and one perfectly inline with the bondage fashion fusion trend.

To see all of Therese Rawsthorne’s Spring 2010 showing at MSFW click on the thumbnails below. You can also view Therese Rawsthorne’s Spring / Summer 2010 collection from RAFW by following that link; you’ll find a number of different pieces from the season were shown.