Therese Rawsthorne says relax

Their hair masculinely slicked but with the clothes relaxedly hanging from each model’s frame, Therese Rawsthorne’s spring 2011 collection debut kicked off the second day of RAFW in the brick shell of one of outer-Sydney’s former train stations. The space filled with mid-century lights and staccatoed with concrete pillars you might have expected a collection that was harder, something with more of an edge. You’d have expected wrong.

As A heavy bass guitar soundtrack, one worthy of featuring in a 60s bond film, continued to give the models their pace, what unfurled was a collection where the cut and gathering of cloth served as statement, the prints never quite being able to compete.

And it’s from Therese Rawsthorne‘s spring 2011 collection’s single toned pieces, the best of which were presented in summer whites and washed-out colours, that it’s likely that you can best flesh our your summer wardrobe. From such a start point you’ll have options such as wrap-around dresses, flared trousers and hot pants at the opposite ends of the spectrum, and sheers layers on top of solids. Each shows how detail can be found in the working of the cloth and not solely through colour and print.

Therese Rawsthorne is another of Australia’s designers to work with unseasonal blacks, a favourite of the country, but this is the first time at 2011’s Australian fashion week that it felt to have worked. Perhaps it was the rain that replaced yesterday’s thick humidity that influenced the feeling, but with black cloth cut into pleated skirts and mini dresses, all with a touch of the loungerie, the colour seems to have found a purpose for the season.

Where black made its best statement was in those pieces which would be inarguably harder to wear – those which are figure specific. At the peak that saw a sheer polka dot ensemble that was inarguably a catwalk statement but, with its plunging neckline and sheer strip across the chest, it’s hard to imagine how it could all be worn without revealing too much.

The black floor length dresses that followed would presented no such problem. Their hot pant finish and layerings of sheer would still require confidence and should you have that in abundance along with both the body to pull the look off and the right event to wear the dresses to, then these are the statement pieces for you.

Click on the gallery below for the full photo coverage of Therese Rawsthorne‘s spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection.