Todd Lynn: same same but different

When Todd Lynn’s latest London fashion week show kicked off, I almost believed that I’d been caught in some unworldly time vortex that swept me back to last year. It could have been a mid fashion week lack of sleep, but more likely the deja vu of Lynn’s signature style. There were greys and blacks. There was leather. There were slim cut pants and fierce silhouettes, the same gothic-cum-dystopian overtones that are so staple to Lynn’s aesthetic.

But while his fall 2011 collection could almost have been any season of Lynn’s, it wasn’t without evolution. This collection saw the introduction of chocolate browns and creams, along with rich red hues. There were high funnel necks and asymmetrical slits; sharp tailoring and gauntlet-like gloves. But perhaps the most stand-out feature in a collection that so coherently gelled to Lynn’s signature style was the addition of draping skirts that fell with a contrasting softness as either floor-length pieces or teeny over-skirts.

So on closer inspection, was Todd Lynn’s collection all same, same? In a way – but it was also different. And who said sticking to what you’re good at (and known for) is a bad thing?

You can see the full runway coverage by clicking on the gallery below.