Tween’s teddy

Take a glance at Tween’s autumn / winter 2011 collection and it’s likely that you’ll come away with a feeling that the designer of this collection for the label sees modern menswear in much the same way as Ralph Lauren: an update on the classics that takes-in inspiration from both North America and the United Kingdom. Interesting then that, on the surface, Tween’s designer Gunes Guner Isik has little in common with the two: she was born in Istanbul, studied in Europe, and is designing for a Turkish label. The classic take on fashion is easier to come to grips with though: before working with Tween, Gunes designed for Trussardi.

What’s she’s offered up by way of this Tween collection is something that is both at once classic and young. Cuts are clean and crisp, but the fabrics are often showy. Trousers are tailored, but have just enough extra fabric to exude a street smart attitude.

Definitely more English then American, Tween’s autumn / winter 2011 feels akin to what the teddy boy fashion once was: classic tailoring infused with an obvious attitude.

Take in the entire Tween collection by clicking on the thumbnails below.