Wearable couture from Christophe Josse

The words ‘wearable’ and ‘haute couture’ may seem a bit odd together. But in Christophe Josse’s sketchbook, they appear as soul mates that are deeply and passionately in love.

This Frenchman has restated the fragile female form in a whole new light by bringing in a ready-to-wear essence to his fall 2011 haute couture collection. His controlled design techniques speak through the delicate and sensual silhouettes encapsulating the real elegance a woman endures.

You’d argue that almost every designer follows that theory – the theory of making his woman feel sexy. But Josse’s real point of difference lies in his choice of fabrics; crocodile and python skin, asphalt lacquered edges, rooster feathers, satin silk and frayed organza. His collection creates magic without being too-obviously haute couture.

Transparent chiffon tops with black opaque trimmings draw attention to the shoulders and chest, giving an ultra-sexy appeal. One-shoulder pleated silk dress with a visible zipper proves the man’s attention to detail. Subtle modernity peeps through the use of sheer net over a shimmering sequin evening gown. Although the oxidised gold belts seem a bit too war-like for a collection that’s blatantly feminine, the corset bustier and siren red feathered headwear reinstate the original inspiration.

Click on the thumbnails to browse through the entire collection, as photographed by Simon Ackerman at Elite Runway.