When accessories are key: Jaeger

If there’s one thing Jaeger know, it’s how to keep things fresh with accessories. For the past few seasons it was the belt purse that proved one of the most memorable elements of the Jaeger runways. With Stuart Stockdale’s latest London fashion week foray for the brand that nifty little boat had sailed – but accessories still played a major role.

Small, structured cross-body bags filled the gap and were, like much of the collection, inspired by the fashions of the 1960s and 70s. Flat brimmed, flat topped cordobes-style hats added an air of Zorro-like mystery to the otherwise femininely sophisticated outfits. A style of headwear we’re already starting to count amoung spring 2012’s trends.

Beyond the accessories, Stockdale breathed a freshness into the clothing by way of cut-out scalloping and an edible vintage-inspired colour palette. Texture and colour were key here, and it was retro-made-modern venture that worked – especially in the more youthful of the pieces.

For the full runway coverage of Jaeger‘s spring / summer 2012 collection, click on the thumbnails above.