YDE: elegance from day to night

European fashions weeks have something of an unending supply of opulent rooms in which to host their parades, and despite not yet being in the same league of its Paris and Milan counterparts, on the architecture front Copenhagen fashion week punches far above its weight. Hence it was that we found ourselves within the baroque, curved corridors of the city’s Royal Danish Theatre. With such opulent corridors, chandeliers and antique portraiture to accompany your every step, Haute Couture showings would not be out of place here. So reverent is it, in fact, that a only the creek of the floorboards can be heard, the crowd silent as if at prayer, as YDE’s fall 2011 showing opens. Slowly each model makes her way through the winding corridors serving as a catwalk; they don’t so much walk as they do waft, their slow tempo set to a classical piano and strings arrangement befitting of such a setting as well as the silks, lace and furs elegantly draped across each model’s frame.

And elegant is precisely the right word to use. Not every piece gliding past is evening-wear befitting of the location, in fact this collection has opened with day wear and tailored pieces. But as each new piece appears on the catwalk the tone is building towards what will be the final crescendo of dresses that near perfection in their cut, tone and fabrication.

I can only hope that the pictures will do this collection justice. A collection that is a mixture of day wear and evening wear. A collection that is for the elegant girl. The girl who wears pearls and carries a Kelly bag as effortlessly as she carries herself.

You can see all the pictures of YDE by Ole Yde‘s autumn 2011 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below.