Yiorgos Eleftheriades: Metropolis Blend

Yiorgos Eleftheriades, a fashion designer of Greek origin, is one of those artists who can be easily distinguished with his own inimitable style and urban recognition of experimental forms. Renowned for his metropolitan trademark, Eleftheriades continues architectural fascinations with social structure in the latest collection for the fall 2011 season. Minimalist elegance, romantic bohemia, dark underground of gothic influences, free style of rappers – without a doubt it is a “Metropolis Blend” with all richness of various subcultures.

There is also a blurry line between a masculine basis and feminine element juxtaposing silky fluidity with asymmetry and architectural layers. Such utilitarian yet subtle luxury is exposed by the selection of contrasting fabrics like leather, tweed, gabardine combined with velvet or silk georgette. The collection is enriched with unique accessories designed by talented jewellery artist Persephoni. Metallic, geometrical compositions accompany with loose fluid shapes and structured tailoring of the garment.

You can view Eleftheriades’ fall 2011 collection at the accompanying gallery.

Visit http://www.yiorgoseleftheriades.gr/.