Youth and the city: DKNY

It didn’t take complex props or the expensive interior of a key city location for DKNY to perfectly convey the mood of their spring 2012 collection. All that was done by way of a sidewalk and a parked taxi; proof, if ever there was any, that getting a show setting right doesn’t necessarily require a huge budget.

But what does a sidewalk and a taxi convey, exactly? It could say many things but in this case the message was unambiguous and strong. As a backdrop to the DKNY-clad models, it meant youthful city chic.

There’s no room for restrictive pencil skirts or fussy hairstyles in DKNY’s youthful world. This girl may be young but her social life keeps her busy, so she wants to be able to change outfits while the taxi meter is still running. Skirts that flow (but naturally sit shorter at the front) or effortlessly skim the thigh are in order. Jackets are unbuttoned, sleeves on relaxed tops are carelessly a little too long, and prints are bold and flirtatious. And there’s one thing that caps off and seals in this DKNY girl’s penchant for understated city glamour: a big, floppy hat.

For the full DKNY spring / summer 2012 collection click on the thumbnails above.