RAFW kicks off with Zimmermann

It was at the point where the Sydney harbour bridge reaches the ends that RAFW (Australian fashion week) first official show began in the form of Zimmermann’s spring 2011 showing. Outside traffic swelled as drivers began their arduous treck into the city for a full days work ahead, yet none of that chaos was repeated within the car garage cum catwalk Zimmermann had opted to make the home of this collection’s debut. In fact, backstage was strangely calm, amongst the calmest of catwalk backstage spaces I’d ever been to.

Was that a sign of the collection to come? Not quite. Serene some pieces might be considered, but this was a collection that more effectively imprinted hard lines, usually with tribal overtones, in one’s mind.

A case of detail set against detail, the elements that Zimmermann have included in their spring / summer 2011 collection aren’t all new. Some, such as those tribal features, feel so old that we may soon start considering them evergreens. Others like the lace, the impossible to ignore 70s resurgence, thigh scraping splits which command your gaze, and the digital cut outs are wholly on trend.

Seasonal fabrications weren’t the only on-trend elements (the touches of futurism and a hippie revival were hard to miss) but fabric and finish is where you’ll find the statements in this offering from Zimmermann. You’ll find these most obviously in the weaves with their sheer overtones but it was the use of linen, its frequent knots giving a look of Irish linen, that seemed most unique. And also smart; linen is oft overlooked much to the detriment of our wardrobes.

I’d also look to the collection’s offering of jewelry for statements. While the arm cuffs looked to offer anything but a generic fit the same can’t be said of the collection’s other dominant accessory: its ear cuffs. These hang from a sole ear, the length reaching a shoulder, their look highlighted by straight hair tucked firmly behind the ear.

Zimmermann’s ‘Halcyon Days’ spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the gallery.