Male grooming at Acne Spring 2013

Everyone knows that a lot of work goes into hair and makeup for a women’s fashion show. But what about men’s?

We headed backstage at Acne’s spring 2013 showing at Paris fashion week to find out how the boys were being prepared for the runway. And don’t be mistaken: this is the kind of routine any guy can adapt and try from home.

Lead makeup artist for the AOFM Pro team, Ayami Nishimura, told us that the look at Acne was being kept very natural.

First, they exfoliated the face to smooth out the skin. For the young male at home, Ayami suggests exfoliating about once every two weeks. It’s quick and easy to do (just grab yourself an exfoliating scrub), gets rid of any dry skin and keeps the skin looking fresh and healthy.

Next the team backstage at Acne used foundation and concealer where necessary to cover any blemishes and even out the skin tone. Again this was kept very natural with the intention of creating a look where the makeup did its job without being obviously visible.

Finally, they brushed the eyebrows to make them tidier and to smooth any unruly hairs in place. You don’t need any makeup for this (though you can use a clear gel if you want) – just a small brow brush.

If less is more, it’s simple enough to take cues from Ayami and team and create a groomed yet masculine look in just minutes.

You can see all of the backstage pictures of the Acne spring / summer 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left.