Akris Fall / Winter 2013

Envisioned as a tribute to his mother, Ute Kriemler, whom he had lost last December, Albert Kriemler’s Akris fall / winter 2013 collection was strictly inspired by her wardrobe of turtleneck gowns and sleek button-up shirts. The black vision coming down the runway, was accompanied be the delicate notes of a small orchestra, playing Bach, her favorite composer. Melancholic, solemn and disciplined, Kriemler’s line still found ways of letting hope and light shine right through.

A double-face topper coat, a double breasted jacket and turtleneck tunic opened up the show, exploring the house’s signature strengths and distinctive features. Turtleneck bodysuits and tunic gowns, blouses and boy pants and more of the exquisite wool coats and grid topper jackets translated the supreme elegance that defined Ute Kriemler’s style.

The Light coat paired to a grid tunic dress stood for hopefulness, braving the all-black collection while helping build the subtle metaphor. For night, a St. Gallen herringbone sheath with tulle inserts, a tulle turtleneck sheath with bias jets or a tunic dress with controlled fringe front offered enough alternatives that instead of reading mournful, felt modern, dignifying and utterly sophisticated.

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