Alberta Ferretti Resort 2014

A wardrobe shaped by a world of travel was Alberta Ferretti’s philosophy for resort 2014, with a worldly muse and an eclectic mishmash of styles helping build up her cosmopolitan view. Traversing the globe and capturing its spirit in a suitcase, Alberta Ferretti’s woman doesn’t fear mixing India’s gleaming embroideries with animal print calf hair deeply rooted in African grounds.

The safari elements were introduced as sleek panels on shift dresses, lightweight tops and perfectly shaped jackets. The gorgeous embroideries on the other hand enriched the tailored silhouettes, contrasting the hints of sheerness and the neutral tones defining the collection. Alberta Feretti’s taste for femininity was further accented by soft pleats and delicate lace impressions.

Oceanic colors, romantic drapes and loose silhouettes defined Alberta Ferretti’s take on her signature evening segment, a delight all on its own.

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Photos courtesy Alberta Ferretti.