Alexis Mabille Fall / Winter 2013

Red lips and sleek hairstyles, topped by a distinct mix of provocative and confident carefully built in the attitude that accompanied the model’s walk down the runway, gave away Alexis Mabille’s dark source inspiration for the fall / winter 2013 season. Confirmed by the show notes, the designer pursued the stylish appeal exuded by Catherine Deneuve while playing a vampire in the 1983 horror flick “The Hunger”.

The “night butterfly” turned femme fatale subtext translated to a series of looks that oscillated in between raw edginess and demure sexiness, balancing the classic tailoring with the wild prints, and equally exploring exuberance and restraint.

Emphasizing the strengths of the uneven line up, the gray flannel numbers intensified by smart camel inserts, the black and red cocktail dress referencing a vampire’s cape and the gold metallic pantsuit styled with a fetching take on the classic button down, made most sense for the modern woman. The seductive character of the clothes and their enigmatic appeal however showcased another side of Alexis Mabille, one that is definitely worth being further explored.

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Photography by Imaxtree