Alibellus+ Spring / Summer 2014 men’s

For spring / summer 2014 Titi Kwan had quite a singular vision, and everything stemmed therefrom. He dreamed of birds: sky, feathers, the freedom of flight. The focus fell on texture and silhouette, rounded shoulders signalling “the beast before flight”, waterproof fabrics mirroring the idea of droplets rolling off feathers, chain necklaces symbolising constraint and the joy of breaking free. Even wide collars and white eyeliner were spread wings.

With its light layers and pastel hues spring felt fresh, and free, as spring should. Kwan always produces something with an edge and spring’s offering did it with a much more wearable slant than fall’s vampiric night creatures. That’s a step to be commended: any criticism should roll off Kwan – if you’ll forgive the cliche – like water off a duck’s back.

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