Youthful babushkas at Alice McCall

With a myriad of silk floral prints and peplums overrunning Australian fashion week (MBFWA) with their particular brand of spring femininity, Alice McCall’s promise of Hungarian folk-inspired garb sounded like a little breath of fresh air. Her starting point was Budapest’s antiquated stain glass windows, and from there the show notes promised we’d be taken on a trip through folk art, blossoming embroideries, and cheery Russian babushka dolls.

Somtimes to prepare for such a trip there’s no bag packing or ticket bookings, just the steeling of your imagination in case you need to stretch it far to fill the thematic gaps. That wasn’t required with Alice McCall’s ‘Babooshka’ story. The Russian doll cuteness crept over the models from head to foot: milkmaid braids and headscarves, embellished eyes, mirrored chandelier earrings, folkish prints that recalled traditional embroidery. McCalls girl was like a mix of Hungarian peasant and Russian royalty, coming together in rustic cuts and bling costume jewellery, forming a gestalt that was just enough of each and never too much of either.

The thematic freshness aside, McCall adhered to the popular shapes and details of the season, like cutaway dresses with sweetheart necks and lampshade skirts, sporty backs, mesh, cropped pants, sculptured skirts and pastel hues. The marriage of spring’s biggest trends with a traditional-inspired theme is a heaven-made one: the ideal way to stock up on the season’s hottest cuts but in prints that’ll stand out in a crowd.

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Photography by Allan James Barger