Altuzarra Resort 2014

Altuzarra resort 2014 starts off at neo-bohemian goodness, traverses the space between earthy-crochet-and-suede desert queen ensembles and regal white-on-cornflower blue embroidery, and lands you square in sexy sophistication territory where hand-sewn lace inserts transform dresses and pant suits alike. That’s to sum up the collection’s journey in which things only get better the further it goes on, but in amoungst it are other gems, too: a clean white dress with brown leather strapping, or a ’70s inspired denim pant suit with ultra fitted blazer and flared leg pants.

Nothing here is wildly new and yet it all feels different and fresh. Reinvention is one of Joseph Altuzarra’s key strengths, and resort only serves to prove it.

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