Amaya Arzuaga Spring / Summer 2013

There was a disconnect between the modernity of Amaya Arzuaga’s Paris fashion week (PFW) show and the ornateness of the Spanish Embassy at which it was held. It wasn’t anything jarring though; more like an ultimate contrast.

While the rooms the spring / summer 2013 collection paraded through were wrought with gold and presided over by carved cherubins, the collection itself was punctuated by clear plastic. Plastic inserts in dresses, plastic collars or waistbands on skirts, were as much of a contrast to the liquidity of silk crepe as the collection was to its surroundings.

The collection was inspired by duality, suspended silhouettes, armour, and circular geometry. The latter two things made the biggest impression (even if they were also the least readily wearable) in a futuristic, bubbly take on 19th century leg-of-mutton sleeves. In clear plastic, this was certainly the duality of past and future colliding.

With plastic-wrapped hair and high gloss skin to match, Amaya Arzuaga’s spring 2013 collection was unique but almost always highly street-ready. Where other designers might have inserted sheer fabrics into cut-away panels, Arzuaga’s transparent plastic was a different type of see-through that you (figuratively at least) would be amiss to look past.

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Photography by Imaxtree