Angelos Bratis Spring / Summer 2014

Love has a way of creeping into the soul, making you forget time and forgive life and wish that things would just stay like this forever. Knowing they can’t only makes the romance sweeter.

With just fabric to tell the story, Angelos Bratis came as close to encapsulating that fact as one can come. His spring / summer 2014 collection wasn’t a tale in three acts, and nor was it a linear narrative. Instead it simply captured a mood suspended in time like romance itself: a summer that feels endless because love makes it so.

Bratis’ love story was set in the islands of the Aegean sea, with the clothes evoking the calm waters and salty sea breezes, and mornings spent having breakfast in bed. The relaxed drapes and folds of Bratis’ silk dresses were cut to look like sails picked up by the wind, while striped oversized pyjamas whispered of mornings that turn into days that turn into nights.

Everything in Bratis’ collection came together to form that impressionistic vision of Hellenic sea-side romance: from the slicked wet hair to the tan and silver sandals, the clean sweeps of fabric to the soft hazy colours. In Angelos Bratis’ collection you’ll find lightness and ease, but also something greater: wrapped up in the cloth is the effortless beauty that summer love only heightens and nostalgia never allows to fade from memory.

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Photos taken by Imaxtree