Anne Sofie Madsen: wearable on the cutting edge

Anne Sofie Madsen’s spring / summer 2013 collection roars in on a wave of impressive sci-fi-like detail: like sheer bodycon dresses that turn the torso into a snarling mecha face that’s taking a bite out of the wearer’s belly-button, or 3-dimensional appliqués that bring the wearer’s skeleton to the outside.

And then, on occasion, the noise suddenly goes silent and an outfit soars with Scandinavian simplicity down the Copenhagen fashion week (CFW) runway. A white dress whose front cuts away into a v-shape, layered over a sheer white bralet. Or a featureless black swimsuit that’s cut high enough to reveal the hip bones, paired with Madsen’s skeletal white gloves, a shoulder-bag, and white trainers making it look suitable enough to wear down the street sans pants.

Somehow Madsen makes heavy detail and complete lack of it equally impressive – but it’s the former that dominates her collection, also bringing back digital prints with her polar bear motifs, and punked up Art Deco style designs that marry a flapper cut with fierce spiked studs.

It’s a little bit dark, a little bit futurist. And again Madsen establishes herself as adept at creating garments that are simultaneously cutting edge and highly wearable.

You can see all of the Anne Sofie Madsen spring / summer 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.