Antipodium fall 2013

Sex, lies and video tapes.

As we all face a future where we’ll be anonymous for 15 minutes, Antipodium used their 2013 catwalk at London fashion week (LFW) to hone in on the fact that “from spy cams to sex tapes, all of modern life is tracked, recorded, shared and scrutinised.” This we all know. Rag mags are plastered with celebrities who have made a fortune out of sex tapes and the ‘accidental’ release of intimate photos, and few of us go a day without updating a status here or a photo wall there. But how does that modern reality translate into a fashion collection?

Abstractly. The architecture of New York’s Standard hotel that has seen many a couple cavorting for public display translates for Antipodium into hard lines. The urban landscape’s smattering of street signs and street lines personifies into patch works. It’s not all abstract, however, with the very real voyeuristic fashion elements of sheer tops, rear split mini dresses and thigh split skirts present in Antipodium’s autumn 2013 offering but not dominating it. The collection’s prints too, certainly a highlight, are direct and are copied straight from CCTV motif with the finish sometimes in the night-vision-green that any past viewer of Paris Hilton’s sex tape will be familiar with and at other times a homage to that scene in Basic Instinct.

Drop the theme and you have a collection that’s hugely buyable. The pleats are great (and are likely to sit amongst London’s biggest trend influence) and the patchworks brilliant when a fur coat cuts away to a metallic panel and back again. The same effect is apparent when tailored, pleated trousers contrast not with a blazer but a bomber jacket, and the bold colours, be they in metallics or of hammered patent leather, do much to define and push the collection.

You can see all of the Antipodium autumn (fall) / winter 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

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