Antipodium Spring / Summer 2014

Ah, Are You Being Served? – just how much of my childhood you were. And the childhood of so many other children who lived through an era when British TV was at its campiest. How you made me giggle despite my innocent mind not knowing just why references to Mrs. Slocombe’s pussy were to be laughed at – why was a cat so damn funny? And how you, you bastion of English comedy, have inspired Antipodium spring 2014.

If you’ve never watched Are You Being Served? feel free to stop reading now and look only a Antipodium’s catwalk pictures – further references to the TV series shall be thickly applied.

There’s a shop girl on Antipodium’s spring / summer 2014 floor. Thankfully it’s not Mrs. Slocombe, nor Mr. Humphries finally out of the closet changing room. Rather it’s all a bit Miss Brahms. Sexually liberated, sometimes scantily clad, rather young. As much as Antipodium’s interpretation of the summer 2014 girl can be tied to Are You Being Served?‘s Miss Brahms, the collection offers up a style thoroughly updated, more of the modern world. Bralets abound, models are tattooed, slits hint and sheers reveal. But, for as modern as she is, Antipodium’s summer 2014 girl takes her styling from the post-sexual revolution period we all romanticise. And perfectly so. Few periods of time have rightfully left such a mark on fashion’s phsyce, few are deserved of come-back trends. And the 60s is well interpreted and well styled by Antipodium. To play to the inspiring TV show: fashion is well served by Antipodium’s next outing.

You can see all of the Antipodium spring / summer 2014 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Also from this fashion show.


Photography by Imaxtree