Antonio Marras Spring / Summer 2014

Antonio Marras’ catwalks always take place in a hell of a setting. They are catwalks staged amongst the magic of impossible settings. For summer 2014‘s catwalk, the underground setting took in mirror and stain-glass lined walls and doorways outside which a temporary forest hosted violin playing fauns. Read this and think not of the likes of Alice in Wonderland – Marras’ summer 2014 collection drew reference to something much earlier: Nature’s creation.

That is, Nature’s creation as illustrated by Ovid in Metamorphosis. And that’s no creation story of peace and tranquility; Marras acknowledged as much in the collection’s notes quoting the “raw confused mass” and “chaos” that Metamorphosis describes as preceding Earth’s inception. That’s all rather heady and not something easily translated into a summer fashion collection. How then has Marras approached it?

Nature as floral prints depicting roses upon which butterflies land. Sheer panels, certainly revealing but not sexualised in much the same way that 19th century artists showed nude torsos without making a sexual spectacle out of them. Where it wasn’t so old, it was modernist. Plastic pinks and warped prints – but these were but a sub-story to a collection rounded by 19th century ideals and interpreted through the lens of nature as chaos and as beauty.

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Photography by Imaxtree