Arthur Galan strong hues & suit rules @ MSFW

Despite designing for both genders, Arthur Galan will probably always be better known for his menswear offering with suiting springing to mind when the designer is mentioned. Yet men’s suiting is always hard to judge on a catwalk of Melbourne fashion week‘s size, the fits of off-the-rack suits are seldom perfectly attuned to the torso of each model parading them. Thus it’s harder to judge precisely what’s on the designer’s mind: are we looking at a suit that needs tweaking or something that plays to the emergence of relaxed tailoring? There’s a key lesson there for chaps after the perfect modern suit: always be willing to have something off-the-rack perfected by your tailor.

If it’s a story of spring suits for the gents, what’s on offer from Arthur Galan the fairer sex? If you’re looking for a neo-cut, 70s inspired white suit then Galan certainly has an option for you. With its ticket pocket and plunging shawl collar, it’s quite a good option too. But for women it’s probably harder to look past the collection’s block coloured dresses, particularly the cobalt blue piece modelled by Sophie van den Akker and the bow-neck dress modelled by Kate Peck. Both are designed for distinctly different figures, but neither failed to grab your attention.

You can see Arthur Galan’s spring / summer 2011 MSFW showing by clicking on the thumbnails above and browsing through the gallery.