Aurelio Costarella has MSFW’s dress options

If you’ve got the legs, Aurelio Costarella has the dress.

He also has the dress if you’ve got that special event coming up.

In a collection full of nudes and neutrals, sequins embellished cloth that was finished with the kind of trim that gave many a mini dress the appeal of a glass of Dom Pérignon, preferably a mid-20th century vintage.

And while such silhouettes will no doubt be communicated well in the photos we snapped of the collection at MSFW (Melbourne fashion week) last night, the true details will sadly be lost. Yes, you’ll see the overt flourishes, but the detail that reveals the craftsmanship that underpins each creation, such as the perfect marrying of weaves and stitches, sadly is beyond the capabilities of a catwalk photo.

You can see Aurelio Costarella‘s spring 2011 collection by clicking on the thumbnails above and browsing through the gallery.