Aurelio Costarella: in the name of glamour

Skimming Aurelio Costarella’s show notes while waiting for his Australian fashion week (MBFWA) runway to start, vivid imagery jumped off the page in product names like ‘poison-ivy’, ‘mosaic’, ‘aphrodite’ and ‘de-vile’. As a king of evening wear and embellishment, one could only dream of what such names would bring.

It didn’t take long ot find out. Rather than saving the sweeping gowns to the end, Aurelio Costarella opened with the most dramatic feathered gowns before the show took breath; then the lights amped up, the music tempo quickened, and short hemmed dresses spilled forth.

Costarella’s collection moved through the hinted-at themes faithfully. Some draped with Grecian glamour. The ‘mosaic’ turned out to be nude fabric embellished with 3D silver flowers that weren’t mirrored but reflected like they could be. A nude sequin gown was so heavily embellished the weight of its movement was audible even above the music. But so meticulously put together was it that it’s heaviness seemed only a mark of craftsmanship, not of over-zealousness.

As always with Costarella some outfits are more practical than others, some more suited to few places beyond the red carpet. But all were intricate, and that’s what Costarella’s clientele want from him.

You can see all of the Aurelio Costarella spring / summer 2012 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

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Photography by Allan James Barger