Balenciaga Spring / Summer 2014 men’s

Despite having a new creative director in charge, the house of Balenciaga didn’t seem to diverge much from its previously established path during the unveiling or their spring / summer 2014 menswear collection, pursuing to explore the same “less fashion, more basic” concept of building a classic wardrobe. Excepting a few technical twists and Wang’s futuristic touch, the line-up preserved its heritage.

Wang’s influence was especially noticeable in the saturated colour palette of neutrals, in the poplin shirts carrying an unexpected high-closing and in the sleeveless white shirt with a single button at the collar, effortlessly tucked in a pair of straight leg trousers. More of the remarkable pieces included a gray leather biker jacket, a string of perfectly tailored summer shorts and a super sharp safari jacket built upon a mix of novelty and tradition.

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