Bianca Spender: a little neon nightcall

Anyone who indulged in the neon-dipped ’80s homage that was Drive last year and loved it will instantly recognise – as if at a cellular level – the opening to the soundtrack’s Nightcall. From that first synthesised beat, thoughts are drawn to the quiet rumble of a car cruising the streets while city lights cut the night in streams outside the window. That track, paired with a Tron-like neon wireframe, 3D-rendered at the backdrop of the VAMFF (Melbourne Fashion Festival) runway, made me imagine that what I was about to see last night would be some rather ’80s inspired fashion. But I was mislead: Bianca Spender opened the L’Oreal Paris Runway 2 show, and the clothing was decidedly classic.

If there was anything that might have been malleable enough to fit a description of retro-’80s inspired goodness it was Spender’s colour palette. A neon chartreuse opened that drew a tentative thread to the computer-generated graphics rotating behind it. Still, this was a sophisticated floor-length skirt, paired with a draping navy top and tailored jacket. The same colours returned individually as silken draping dresses, followed by pieces in burnt orange, coral, and art-splattered prints.

While naught but the vibrance of the colour palette seemed all that fitting to the pumping soundtrack and ’80s themes, we do always say that fashion loves its contrasts. And Bianca Spender’s sophisticated evening pieces brought those.

You can see all of the Bianca Spender autumn (fall) / winter 2012 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Photography by Kelly Defina