Burberry Prorsum autumn 2013: an ode to Bailey and co.

I once asked if Christopher Bailey’s genius allowed him to spot trends well in advance of their happening, or if his creativity was so influential that it set them. After Burberry Prorsum’s catwalk at London fashion week yesterday, I’ll settle on ‘genius’. Bailey is a master of reading the social climate from a lifestyle perspective. Doubt it?

Try to suggest differently while viewing Trench Kisses, Prorsum’s autumn / winter 2013 women’s collection.

Even the collection’s name is faultless. Likewise, so many of its pieces. Gold hardware is balanced, kitten heels never too dull, while animal print provides just enough of a bold statement without risking the chance of turning away willing customers. As translucent rubber trench coats (hello, evolved plastic trend – another of Bailey’s making) sat over heart print hot pants one thing was clear: Bailey could only have better guaranteed this collection’s success had he sent trench coat clad kittens down the catwalk and Instagrammed photos of their breakfast.

Bailey not only crafted an instantly appealing, easy-to-want-to-buy collection, but he crafted one sure to appeal in all corner’s of Burberry’s international market. Rule Britannia.

And as the design skill of Bailey and co. hit on all necessary touch points, so too did the behemoth that is Burberry’s marketing machine. Having their team tweet, vine, Instagram and Facebook the show live, the experience in the digital world must had been as immersive as that we had within the Knightsbridge tent. It was no doubt the realisation of the digital and real world blur that Burberry has mastered. So to was their autumn 2013 catwalk a realisation of the entertainment and fashion fusion that sees live performances at Burberry’s London flagship. As the rear of the catwalk opened for a Tom Odell concert, however, it became a bit too much if a sensory indulgence. Was I to watch Odell and his choristers or Karlie Kloss slink past in a two-tone trench coat of calfskin and armour-like neoprene?

With Cara Delevingne in tow behind Kloss, catwalk it was. Eyes front and centre.

You can see all of the Burberry Prorsum autumn (fall) / winter 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

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Photography by Imaxtree