Burberry Prorusm’s direction for 2012

Next year looms and, accordingly, we’re not just working to get our heads around the spring / summer 2012 fashion collections that will serve as the year’s first truly new offerings, but also the autumn / fall 2012 collections which will do more to define how we approach 2012’s fashions than anything else. The trouble is that, on this side of the New Year’s Eve divide, few designers are willing to show off their collections for this time next year. What they are willing to do, however, is give us a preview of their offerings for the season that falls between summer and autumn. Can’t think of that season’s name? Neither can we, hence, it’s call the pre-Autumn / Fall season, a season that doesn’t really exist.

While the accepted naming convention might leave a lot to be desired, the collections that fall under its moniker often prove to be of great benefit for those of us interested in a little crystal ball gazing. After all, by right a pre-season collection will offer a glimpse of what the full collection has in store. Hence, in the look book of Burberry Prorusm’s pre-autumn 2012 collection collection that was released today we get not just a glimpse of what designer Christopher Bailey is likely to leave behind in spring / summer, but also a good nod at where he’s likely to take us for the rest of the year.

And where exactly is that?

You’ll be unsurprised, given just how much we’ve been harping on about it at Fashionising.com, to find that it’s back almost a century to the 1920s and 1930s. As I said of Bailey’s spring / summer 2012 collection, as a designer he “is impeccable at spotting the road that fashion is to travel down and brilliant at designing clothes and accessories for the destination point.” And it’s a destination point of a 1920s/1930s revival that is precisely where Burberry Prorsum‘s pre-autumn 2012 collection is headed. For gents relaxed tailoring abounds and for women flares remain, but the motifs are now different. Head-wear now sits more like a cap that wouldn’t be amiss in a staging of The Great Gatsby, accessories now have an earlier – almost Deco – ambience, and all of it is designed through the lens of a very English-heritage view of fashion.

So there’s the potential destination for Burberry fall 2012 – a modern approach to a period of British fashion that was subtle and has since become classic. Does Burberry’s take on pre-fall 2012 tell us anything more about the year though? Potentially. Look over the coming spring / summer seasons and you’ll see that collections are largely divided over two themes: a 1960s revival and a 1970s revival, with the former thoroughly British and the latter thoroughly American. If Burberry Prorsum’s pre-fall 2012 collection is anything to go by, and we’d wager that it is, it would seem that autumn / winter 2012 is shaping up as a season where there is no cross-Atlantic fashion divide.

You can see all the pictures from Burberry Prorsum’s pre-autumn / fall 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails above and browsing through the gallery.