Cacharel’s Fall 2012 aviator

Over the course of a decade the military fashion trend was greatly explored, but it’s not easy to say the same of one of the aviation fashion sub-trend it inspired. Sure, Burberry might have done much to focus everyone’s attention on it with those collars, but set the world on fire the look did not.

And it won’t again in fall 2012. Yet for those people for whom the motif is an unfinished one Cacharel has offered up Paris fashion week a collection that cleverly plays between aviation and the 1920s, and is likely to appeal.

When it’s worn, however, Cacharel’s fall 2012 aviation motifs are likely to be all but lost, as they only sit as strikingly obvious when full looks are styled with aviator caps. To be certain the collection’s ice fractal motif, inspired by ice on the outside of a plane window, is another aviation element, but its one whose underpinnings need to be explained. If you could say that Burberry’s and Hermes’ past aviator collections were realistic aviation wear made fashionable, it’d be fair to say that Cacharel’s is full of fashionable pieces that aviators may have worn in times gone by.

Take away the aviation styling and what are you left with? A collection that cleverly plays to the ‘20s fashion revival as it should now be: obviously classic, obviously from the era, and without a hint of flapper insight.

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