Calvin Klein fall 2013: clean Russia

After a first good look at the Calvin Klein fall / winter 2013 runway show, one still couldn’t necessarily link the resulting garments with the stated-inspiration of an old, dramatic Russian movie set during the Second World War. The subtlety of the pretext however served its purpose as the line up came across strong, bold and effective, further emphasizing the portrait of the modern woman come fall. And speaking of fall and powerful women, nothing will quite stand a chance against an oversized, menswear inspired coat during the upcoming season, as this item is quickly morphing into a fundamental wardrobe piece.

The same severe, heavy-looking lines were also fully explored in the leather day-dresses styled with military belts, the tough flared skirts and high-waisted pants. The dense fabrics were allowed to breath just as soon as the silhouettes came bearing precise grids and playful holes, contra-balancing the thickness of the garments. Monochromatic, minimal and relevant, Francesco Costa’s collection could be described as classic and ladylike, but there’s so much more to be discovered underneath it all.

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Photography by Imaxtree