Camilla ‘Babylon': Spring 2010

Camilla didn’t leave anyone guessing as to the inspiration behind her collection at RAFW (Australian fashion week): two blue body-painted and braided warriors stalking down the runway and some Avatar video footage were an unambiguous hint. But the inspired eco-futurism of Alexander McQueen it was not; and if subtlety is a virtue than Camilla’s prints were the devil’s child.

The show itself was visually cohesive and vibrant, the models transforming into glittering birds of paradise or roaring leopards, but neither beauty looks or bejeweled palm-print kaftans were very practical unless you’re a frequenter of tropical beach parties. At last some delicate printed pieces in apricot, lilac and pink captured a softer vibe and took centre stage as the most noteworthy and saleable pieces.

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