Canali Spring / Summer 2013 men’s

Behind Canali’s Milan fashion week (MFW) show, two ghostly billows of fabric were dancing as if in a mating ritual, lifted by a circle of fans and lit up in haunting colours. One imagines this was meant as a metaphor for the lightness of the collection – made up as it was by linen, silk and super lightweight cotton.

On the brand’s mind was freedom, open air, poolside cocktails. A shared mood in Milan. For Canali that meant classic tailoring, the kind Italy does best, sharp as a razor and able to easily indulge in the recurrent themes of the season: double-breasted suits, pants cuffed to above the bare ankle, and then a selection of casual looks that soaked up bold primary colours and traded dress shoes for sneakers.

Look out for a contingent of outfits consisting of baker boy caps, neckerchiefs and bags held as clutches: these are age-defying looks that could work on both boys masquerading as men, and men passing for boys.

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