Carolina Herrera Spring / Summer 2014

Those anticipating elegance and femininity from Carolina Herrera – New York’s reigning queen of both – got even more than they bargained for at her spring / summer 2014 show. One could just imagine the walking directive contained words like unhurried, graceful, Grace Kelly even. Elegant French twisted in hair and razor shoulder blades held back with high society precision, every girl belonged in the imagined realm of art gallery openings and harbour side luncheons.

Herrera’s art inspirations took her to Venezuela where Kinetic artists Carlos Cruz-Diez and Jesus Rafael Soto played mind tricks with patten and print. Herrera translated that to optical illusion dresses and skirts and bikinis, sheer layers of organza moving atop their underlays to create hypnotic visions of modern sophisticated design.

Those particular pieces were no doubt better in person – the movement of the layers not quite translating to photos – but while that’s a failing of the runway as a medium, it’s no failing for Herrera. See the looks in person, and you’ll likely fall in love.

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Alternative Runway

Photography by Imaxtree