Chanel Haute Couture takes flight

Were it not for the fauxhawks furnishing Chanel’s haute couture spring 2012 models with a whimsical punchline, it might have been feminine overload. But with a shock of punky hair and kohl smudged eyes, even the most ornately embellished outfits were given a modern wearability.

The shimmering pearls and sea-creature beading of the house’s mermaid inspired ready-to-wear spring collection trailed into the more elaborate couture garments. But overall there was nothing to suggest a defining theme or era. Even with a custom-built airplane interior as the runway, there was only an inkling of vintage air-hostess formality to Karl Lagerfeld’s creations.

If anything paid homage to flight it was really the prominence of blue – from morning light to midnight – amoung the collection’s colour palette, which took Lagerfeld’s designs from the sea to the sky.

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