Chanel Spring / Summer 2013

So we weren’t against as many elements as the last season’s Chanel show, however, we did have a premise. The runway had wind turbines and solar panels, and when asked why, Lagerfeld said “”The wind and sun are free,” It is this statement that made the crowd go “Ahh” when the collection started coming down the Paris fashion week (PFW) catwalk; we saw a classic black and white story first, which introduced the theme of pearls; scattered over black and white pieces and eventually turning into a prominent accessory as the show went on. A top with a windmill print made a few faces smile; we all need some fun on our apparel! Boxy bolero jackets were a staple piece in this season’s collection; variety for outerwear, here here!

The idea of being free, as Lagerfeld states, is a noticeable factor when observing the contrast in clothing. We have the signature tweed ensemble followed by a cobalt blue, silk chiffon kaftan, to be then upstaged by a sheer chiffon skater dress with appliqué flowers. Is this what he meant in terms of freedom? Did he purposely design a collection that didn’t have one story but an abundance of mini stories? Maybe he wants us all to feel free? However this is analysed, the spring 2013 Chanel show was not short of any questions. Neither was it short of any pearls; Coco must be smiling.

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Also from this fashion show.


Photography by Imaxtree