The Dior Haute Couture bob

As model after model graced Dior’s Haute Couture runway, you could almost believe that they’d all had their hair transformed into a waved-under bob with the help of some freshly sharpened scissors. But looking closer it was evident that no scissors were needed: like a number of the bobbed hairstyles for 2012 this latest incarnation is carefully-crafted illusion.

Dior’s runway hair was much like the ice-cool sculptured style we saw at Jil Sander for spring 2012, only this one has more movement, more naturalness – in short, it’s softer. To achieve it follow the steps in our retro faux bob how to guide at that link, but instead of pinning the top section back let it fall with a side part.

For this style you can be a little more relaxed with getting your pinned-under curl sleek and perfected; a little lived-in tousle works beautifully in this version.

You can see all of the make-up and beauty pictures from the Christian Dior haute couture spring 2012 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left.

Photography by Imaxtree