Christian Dior Spring / Summer 2013

Dior under Galliano was far from minimalist. And that’s what many loved about his reign: you could alway rely on him for some sumptuous drama. Under newly-appointed Raf Simmons the Dior aesthetic is getting a makeover, but one where – as in all good minimalism – things aren’t added but taken away.

Stripping it back, Simmons started his Paris fashion week (PFW) show with a set of classic tailored pieces in black and white. Then came some sure winners with the fashion set in short, voluminous dresses in iridescent pastels. What followed next felt the least like Dior as we know it, being a mash of colour and print and sheen that, depending on whose eyes were seeing it, was either a fresh move forwards for the brand or a slightly messy jumble of ideas. But then, fashion is subjective after all.

Simmons’ closing pieces were the most effective in bringing old Dior and new Dior together in a fresh way: full skirted dresses with fitted cashmere tops that swished and shone as they moved.

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Photography by Imaxtree