Clover Canyon Resort 2014

For Clover Canyon the bold digital prints ceased to represent just another take on a seasonal stamp, as the brand’s aesthetic is keen on highlighting the mix of prints and patterns as a year round fashion statement. For Resort 2014, Clover Canyon expanded its overview all the way to the sunny state of Cuba. Veiled in the 1950s atmosphere, the eclectic prints are ready to steal the spotlight as associated with an array of relatively simple, yet effortless-looking silhouettes.

The Havana themed motifs made for an exquisite and exciting selection of engineered prints, the kind that become memorable within instants. Tropical fruits, cigars, foliage and exotic landscapes enriched the A-line dresses, the bomber jackets, the draped pants and the Neoprene frocks. Sported in all of their splendor, these are the kind of garments that will make a woman feel dressed up with just a hint of lipstick and a pair of wedges on. As always, the beauty lies in the details.

Rozae Nichols further accented the sporty-chic silhouettes with a hint of femininity, encountered especially in the body-conscious lines, the flamenco ruffles and the use of subtle embroideries.

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Photography courtesy the label