Collette Dinnigan Spring / Summer 2014

Colette Dinnigan is a long way from giving up her title as Australia’s queen of lace. But for all the delicate fabrics, impeccable beading and embellishments – some heavy enough to be fully audible over the music – there was a youthful spirit emanating from her spring / summer 2014 collection. It was in the peppy strums of the Arctic Monkeys soundtrack, in the fresh white lace openers that were as airy and provincial as the venue, and in the bra-bearing cuts that burst through in berry pink and bright blue.

But if ever there was a way to merge the boldness of youth with softness and sensuality, Dinnigan found it. Straps were replaced with ribbons that crossed otherwise bare backs, and crystal encrusted panels were beautiful without being bling. Draping floor length gowns blurred the borders of Grecian and garden party, at once intricate and effortless.

The collection takes the title of Both Sides Now; a reference to emotional contrast. The contrasts weren’t so much emotional, though, as they were visual and aural. There was no Joni Mitchell here, just youthful relevance (Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? was the closing track) that both conflicted and complimented the elegance of the dresses. After 18 years of showing in Paris, Dinnigan needs to keep the relevance coming while still being faithful to her brand – and with this collection, she did that well.

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Photography by Imaxtree