Corneliani Spring / Summer 2013 men’s

If Corneliani, the first show of Milan men’s fashion week (MFW), is an indication of what’s to come then the idea of taking tailoring and relaxing it is one we’ll continue to see a lot of.

Only Corneliani describes it in the inverse: “The concept I have based this collection on is transforming leisurewear garments too into symbols of strictly Italian-made elegance.” Is there a difference between tailored wear that’s been made relaxed and relaxed wear that’s been strictly tailored, I wonder before the show starts?

The answer comes is the fabrics that form the basis of the “reinterpreted leisurewear” outfits that file one by one into the arc of clean, white-walled space, aptly lit as it is by hundreds of hanging fluorescent bare white bulbs. Leather, nappa to be precise, is the strength of the collection: armor-like suede and leather inserts find a home on fitted motorcycle style jackets; the safari jacket is given new life in dove grey nappa; a leather trench is made fresh with laser cutting.

The details and cuts too and elegant yet relaxed from pleated pants to sharp double breasted jackets in silk-linen worn with sleeves rolled up and turned back.

Theres plenty of inspiration here for men looking to ramp their casual looks up to searingly hot levels. Dare to test the waters of open-weave knits, and heed the small details like one end of a lightweight scarf deliberately showing from under a knit. And look out for fitted cuts in light fabrics, not the inverse: it seems for spring / summer 2013 relaxed means casual, but certainly not sloppy.

You can see all of the Corneliani spring / summer 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

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