Corrie Nielsen Spring / Summer 2013

With a soundtrack that took you to a rainforest and garments that edged into wearable art territory you had to wonder if Corrie Nielson was riffing on evolution as much as she was on all things botanical. Folds of fabric and ruffles turned models into anthropomorphic flowers. Some pieces trapped the arms close to the body in such a way that you couldn’t help but imagine the wearer having evolved to – or maybe from? – some other type of creature. It was a spring / summer 2013 collection that wowed with its sculptural shapes, even if some pieces were more the kind to look at rather than actually wear.

Of the more day-ready pieces to show on the London fashion week (LFW) runway, Nielsen’s ice-blue frock coat and exaggerated bronze bow-blouse – paired with tailored slim pants – were beautiful highlights.

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Alternative Runway

Photography by Imaxtree