Costume National Spring / Summer 2014 men’s

Apple, start your lawyers. For Costume National have referred to their spring 2014 collection as iCowboy, the I prefix obvious, the cowboy drawing upon the man in black, Johnny Cash.

Or here, the men in black and white, their cowboy hats upturned, their leathers more Easy Rider than Folsom Prison Blues. In fact you could say that the whole collection is a bit more upbeat than Cash ever was, a bit more free spirited, far more optimistic.

After all, when a collection is made for the urban and digital cowboy, you have to ask why the hell such a person would be anything but upbeat? For those traversing the modern world without ever touching its sides, life is for living.

The clothes for them, as far as Costume National envisage for spring / summer 2014, are urban, self referencing, oft without lavish statements. Generally slim, layers are cut long, pants sometimes cut short, and as a collection it offers a bit of everything. The modern-cut suit contrasts against the double breasted one, the quilted leather jacket alongside the minimalistic one, all-draining blacks against a glittering gold suit you that would probably have you doing a double take even if you saw it upon the Las Vegas strip. You’re just as likely to balk at the gold suit as you are its gold boot counterparts and, for the love of God, avoid the show’s slicked-to-the-forehead hairstyle unless you’re interested in developing a rash of zits otherwise best left to 13 year olds paralysed by their first bout of puberty.

Those are detractors so insignificant that what you’re left with is a very wearable Costume National collection. One that you might find referenced in any guys’ wardrobe. Is that a problem? No. They say clothes maketh the man. But all a real man really needs are a few well cut pieces and to carry them off with the same attitude with which he blazes through the world. For him, Costume National have an offering.

You can see all of the Costume National spring / summer 2014 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

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Photography by Imaxtree