Daks Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2013

There’s a knack to deciphering what an invite implies about the collection it’s inviting you to. Dak’s autumn 2013 invite, with its heavy grey, quasi-oragami folds, said much. It revealed the collection’s tone, it revealed its plays on pleats, draping and folds. What it didn’t hint at, or at least wasn’t overt, was the androgynous mood that would do much to bind a story that moved between firm pleats and structured minimalism.

Androgyny and minimalism are now evergreen looks, pushed on by devotees of the likes of Celine from trend to staple. For Daks in autumn / winter 2013 both were influenced by the far reaching style of Charlotte Rampling’s youth. To this end, it’s a collection for one not averse to a winter wardrobe of wide leg trousers and coats that could have been borrowed from a boyfriend. Nor should the right frame be averse to the pleated jump suit which was, in a word, hot.

It’s not all volume though. Skinny cuts, both a commercial reality and a desired element, made their presence felt but still worked best when styled to the collection’s vibe: a high waisted, pleated skirt seems like a must buy for the right waist. The collection’s cropped metallics, telling more of the minimalist story than the masculine one, seemed like a perfect wardrobe inclusion too – buy them in late summer, indulge in the trend, and make them transseasonal.

As a heritage brand, miss the three Royal Warrants if you dare, Daks’ story naturally drew an older reference. The palette here, heavy in tone but accented with winter rose prints, and both claret red and olive tones, drawn from the 1930s. It seemed subdued in comparison to the overdone Daks check, but served as a perfect highlight against the darker flannel and felts.

In short, a stylish collection for those without a miniskirt bent.

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Photography by Imaxtree