Dhini’s high haired empire

My overactive imagination saw them as alien mushrooms, or futuristic school-mistresses with puffy piled up hair; but the real inspiration behind Dhini‘s RAFW (Australian fashion week) styling was a little more historical than that. Titled ‘Mughal Empress‘ the collection was a modern play on an ancient empire, with flowing silks and rich details encapsulating the Indian & Persian influences; and the hugely textured hairstyles contributing to the regal feel of the show.

Pants were sharp yet relaxed with a jodhpur-esque elegance; shirts and dresses had paneled detailing that set them apart. There were clashing prints and impeccably tailored jackets and vests with details like ruched silk or free-form open fronts. Everything about Dhini’s work had an understated simplicity and yet, upon closer inspection, layers of complexity. Walking that fine line keeps Dhini’s clothing captivating and yet perfectly wearable.

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