Diesel Black Gold Spring / Summer 2014

A tip from Diesel Black Gold: buttons were made to be unbuttoned. This was their runway speaking, but much of New York fashion week (NYFW) agrees: a sexy spring 2014 comes down to a bit of reveal that’s so deliberately nonchalant no-ones quite sure if it’s deliberate or not.

The amount of buttons and eyelets and lacings that went into Diesel’s collection must have kept some Milanese factory in business, and made opportunity for peek a boo peep shows and states of partial undress that are set to become the new standard in effortless sex appeal. Some of the heavily laced-up second skin leather pants didn’t earn the effortless tag, but they’ll find their audience none the less; while leather outerwear in soft pastel tones is an even more appropriate way to bring leather into spring.

Still, if there’s one thing to take away from Diesel Black Gold’s collection, it’s the use of layering. Piece over piece works to keep things interesting in any fashion situation, but doubly so where there’s some buttons and lacings left undone. Lessoned learned.

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Photography by Imaxtree