Dion Lee melds the past and the future: Spring 2010

Dion Lee caught a glimpse of our future selves, and liked what he saw. If you could bring shards of the future back to the now and stitch them into a patchwork of honeycomb mesh and Rorschach ink-splodged prints then this collection is what you’d get; and when you look at it, you’ll see why Lee is being touted as the future of Australian fashion.

Dion Lee’s futurism is firmly rooted in a strong sense of the past. For Spring 2010 it’s a Greco-Roman influence of Grecian draping, only woven through in intricate, futuristic fashion. Lee also brought us relaxed tailoring and sporty mesh which added to the modern feel of the collection, while symmetrical blotter-art prints (the type you did in primary school with blobs of a paint and a folded piece of paper) created skeletal yet beautifully kaleidoscopic patterns on dresses, skirts and pants.

And if you were wondering about the hairstyle at the show – particularly those with white plaster painted into the hairline – it was a combination of hard and soft that symbolised the essence of the collection, the cracked plaster reminiscent of ancient statues. To learn how to recreate the sleek-meets-soft hairstyle for yourself, follow that link.

You can view the full set of runway and detail shots from Dion Lee’s RAFW (Australian fashion week) show, which was held at the Sydney Opera House, by clicking on the gallery below.